#Voicesofstyle with Ology!


Hello everybody :) Im sorry I didn’t post anything for the past week but I was very busy finishing my first year of university. Now that Im officially out, (hurray!) I wanted to let you know about this new project I’m involved in!!

Ology.com its a social media platform that connects people through their interests by posting photos, videos, ideas, music, etc. From Monday, 15 of July they’ll be launching an online campaign called “Voices Of Style” (#VoS), focused on fashion and personal style.  

So im inviting you all to form part of the #VoicesOfStyle campaign so we can share our different fashion views and learn more about each other. There will be weekly themes, guest tutorials, giveaways, and mini-challenges too!

To get involved you need to:

  1. Create an account on the Ology webpage
  2. Follow the VoicesOfStyle Ology event
  3. Follow my Ology profile to get more updates for the event

Hope to see you guys on the #VoicesOfStyle on Monday, July 15 so we can start this great project together. Have a great weekend everybody :)

-The most active #VoS participants will be featured weekly on Ology’s webpage and highlighted on Ology’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.-


A love note to entrepreneurs


For this weeks inspirational monday, I decided to share this great advise to entrepreneurs that I found on Pinterest.  I loved everything that’s written in it. Life’s about being the best person you can be :)

Hope you liked it too and I wish you all a great week!!

xx, Rita.



Frame it and believe it!


(Image found on Pinterest)

Good beginning of week everyone :)

For my second Inspirational Monday series, I chose to show you an easy DIY project to have a positive attitude since you wake up in the morning which I called “Frame it and believe it”. The project consists of framing a quote that inspires you and hang it in a visible wall that you see everyday so you can always remember it whenever you get out of home.

There are a few steps you need to follow to create it:

  1. Choose the wall where you’ll post the frame. (Take in consideration that the wall you chose must be a wall you see everyday).
  2. Find a frame that you like and that fits the colors of the wall that you chose. (You can always paint the frame so it can adapt to your style).
  3. Choose a quote that inspires you and print it in a paper that fits the dimensions of the frame. – Remember to print it with colors that mix well with the colors of the wall and frame. (To be more creative, you can even write the quote yourself to give it a personal touch).
  4. Once your quote is framed, put the frame in a visible place of the wall and hang it.
  5. And you’re done!! Now you have your own framed inspirational quote!

This is a project where you can use your creativity in each step and let your imagination flow by choosing the style, colors, and fonts to make your frame original and something you’ll feel happy to see every day! 

Here are some of my favorite framed quotes I found on Pinterest which you can take some inspiration to create yours! Let me know in the comments below if you’ll give this project a try! Have a great day everyone :)







(Images found on Pinterest, I do not own any of them).

Get Inspired – Inspirational Monday!

Inspiration Monday!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that every monday of the month I will be creating a series of posts called Inspirational Monday. This means I’ll post a quote/video/image that will help us to begin our week in a positive way :)

I hope you like them and that you have a great monday!!

– If you want want more inspirational quotes check out my Pinterest “Quotes Worth Living By” board –

Happy beginning of week – Courtesy Of Monsters and Men

What a better way to start this last week of May than with some great tunes? I leave you here with one of my favorite songs at the moment “Mountain Sound” from the band Of Monsters and Men.
I’ve been listening to it when I take the subway to go to my university and I have to admit that I’d just love to start dancing in the middle of the whole crowd, it’s such an amazing song that puts me in a great mood :)

Hope it does the same to you!

Have a great week and tell me which are your favorite songs at the moment on the comments below!!