Les Journées Particulières – Visit to the Palazzo Fendi


This saturday, my friends and I made a visit to the Fendi store located at Via del Corso for the event called “Les Journées Particulières”, created by the LVMH group (owners of different high fashion brands) which opens the doors of some of these fashion brands to show the artisanal process behind their products. It was such an great experience to see the inside of the store and the amazing job of the artisans and I couldn’t be more exited to show you all what I saw :)

We got to see 3 floors of the Fendi building:

The first floor is the actual store where the bags, sunglasses, shoes, etc are in display for you to buy. There was also an artisan of the brand showing us the process of the creation of a Fendi bag. He began to explain us the tools and the time it takes to create it. After hearing this extensive and meticulous process, you clearly understand the price of it because it’s all hand-made and 100% real leather.

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The second floor is the private showroom of the brand which stores their must luxurious clothing and accessories. We got to see some of the pieces of the SS 2013 and of course other beautiful pieces. In that floor is where you can also have custom made items. (fancy huh?) Unfortunately, I didn’t got a chance to take pictures of that floor :(

The third floor was the last one we went to and just one part of it was open to the public. There was an artisan responsible for creating the famous Fendi furs. He also gave us a detailed explanation of the creation process and told us that it takes about a month and a half to create just one fur coat. (This FW campaign was mainly fur coats). We also got to feel some of the coats they had on exhibition :)

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It was a great experience to learn what goes behind a mayor fashion house like Fendi. We all had a great time and even got to try some of the delicious catering hahaha

Hope you enjoyed the images and got a glimpse of what we got to see that day! Have a great day everyone and please tell me in the comments below your opinions about it ;)