The Everlasting Plain white T!

everlasting plain white t

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One of the most important clothing items a girl needs to have in her closet is the Plain White T-shirt. Its versatility and comfort proves how useful it is to own at least one! There are different neck-lines and fabrics to choose from and you can find them everywhere. From a supermarket to a high end store, there will always be a white T waiting for you!

Now that spring is arriving (hopefully soon since I’m freezing in Rome right now!), I decided to show you 20 ways to spice up your outfits while wearing a plain white T. With this post I wanted to show how versatile the white shirt is since you can wear it from day to night, to a business meeting or just to grab a cup of coffee. You will also see the importance of accessories and how they can bring life to an every day outfit.

If you’re interested on watching these 20 outfits then keep on scrolling down! I hope you enjoy this post and let me know in the comments section below if you found it useful! Have a great sunday everyone :)

-Click on the images to see them full sized-

Click here to get the full details of the outfits.


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